Ritchey’s Dairy is proud to offer the finest in quality milk and dairy products.

Product Name
Sizes Available
Plastic/Paper/Plastic & Paper
Homogenized Vitamin D Milk
1 Gallon1/2 GallonQuartPint1/2 Pint
2% Milk
1 Gallon1/2 GallonQuartPint1/2 Pint
1% Milk
1 Gallon1/2 Gallon1/2 Pint
Non-Fat Skim Milk
1 Gallon1/2 GallonQuart1/2 Pint
Lactose 100%
Low-Fat Chocolate Milk
Gallon1/2 GallonQuartPint1/2 Pint
Low-Fat Strawberry Milk
1/2 Pint
Low-Fat Vanilla Milk
1/2 Pint
Half & Half
X Cream (Light)
Quart1/2 Pint
XX Cream (Heavy)
Quart1/2 Pint
Cottage Cheese
5 Pound24 oz.16 oz. Low-Fat
Sour Cream
5 Pound1/2 Pint
Half & Half Creamers (3/8 oz.)
400 Count
Non-Dairy Creamers (3/8 oz.)
400 Count
Dozen (Grade A Large)
Pound (16 oz.)
French Onion Dip
16 oz.
Flavored Yogurt
5 Pounds6 oz. Non-Fat